The law firm of Dube, Manikai and Hwacha (DMH) opened its doors to clients on 1 June 1998 and has since made an indelible mark on the Zimbabwean legal landscape.  It currently consists of twelve (12) Partners, one (1) Senior Associate and five (5) Associates and twenty-six (26) Support Staff.  DMH offers expert legal advice in the commercial and financial services sector, trade and investment, labour and litigation, tax and insurance and conveyancing sectors.


DMH is committed to providing excellent legal services to its client and we aim always to:-

  • Act with honesty, integrity, professionalism and responsibility at all times;
  • Allocate the best resources to a client’s mandate.  Our ethos of having specialist units within the firm containing legal practitioners who are experts in their specific fields and have a passion and vast knowledge in their respective areas of law ensures that we provide specialist, accurate and precise advice promptly;
  • Foster close ties with our clients so as to ensure that we always offer practical legal advice to our clients.  We understand that business knows no operating hours or day of the week and that key to giving practical legal advice is knowledge of your client’s business and needs.  Our legal practitioners are available to do business at all hours, any day of the week.  We have been known to hold meetings on a Sunday afternoon;
  • Push the legal boundaries and where necessary champion and lobby for new laws that will facilitate business in the economy and protect our clients interest s and investments.  Our legal practitioners have been change agents in their respective fields, and ground breaking judgments which our practitioners have been key litigators have changed the history of commercial, corporate, competition and labour law.


Legal Charges

DMH is committed to taking exceptional care of its clients through unmatched service excellence in all our endeavours.  This is done by:

  • acting with honesty, integrity, professionalism and responsibility at all times;
  • ensuring that we stay close enough to our clients to anticipate and satisfy their needs and demands to the best of our ability;
  • communicating accurately and openly and placing a high premium on prompt, accurate and effective responses to all client queries;
  • treating clients as an extension of our team so that our goals are achieved through mutual trust and interdependence;
  • using our knowledge of our client’s business in order to provide proactive solutions to problems and opportunities for growth;
  • never settling for second-best in caring for our clients, but always striving zealously toward providing the kind of service excellence of which we can all be proud.


Broadly speaking, DMH’s fees are based on time spent on the job, the complexity of the matter and the responsibility carried, in addition to the Law Society recommended tariff for non litigious work in force from time to time and the internal charge out rate.

The charge-out rates for the respective members of the team that we have proposed to deploy in accordance with the Law Society Tariff.

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