The TID Unit provides legal services and solutions on all aspects of:

Trade law including but not limited to:

  • Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.
  • Movement of goods, product regulation and market deregulation.
  • Anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and countervailing duty issues.
  • Customs enforcement matters and export controls.
  • Anti-competitive practices, anti-trusts and compliance programmes, cartels and trade concentration activity.
  • Franchising and distribution law.
  • Tax structure for financial operations, acquisitions of companies, corporate restructuring and international transactions for resident and non-resident companies and individuals.
  • Advice on patents, trade marks and copyrights including law on passing off.
  • Advice on the operations of the stock exchange market in Zimbabwe and the world over.


Inward investment by foreign investors including private equities and outward investment by local Zimbabweans including but not limited to:

  • Advice on alternatives for investment in cash or assets, capital repatriation, conversion of credits into investments, dividend remittances and related legal documentation.
  • Indigenisation and black empowerment laws and programmes and their impact on foreign investment in Zimbabwe.
  • Privatisations and floatation, including public bids and Government contracts involving public, private partnerships, build, operate and transfer programmes and schemes.
  • The creation of tax efficient structures for domestic and international transactions, strategic tax planning and innovative tax driven products.
  • Advice on cross-boarder and mushroom company listings, preferential offerings, rights issues and share placements.


Project development and project finance including but not limited to:

  • All aspects of telecommunications transactional and regulatory compliance issues, license tenders, information technology, e-commerce, old and new media issues.
  • Providing end to end legal solutions to all legal issues arising out of and in connection with project development in areas of manufacturing, power, mining, transport, water and other infrastructural developments – this starts from preparation of term sheet through to structuring contract negotiations, syndication, asset backed securities and project implementation.
  • Advice on insurance products.

Canaan, with his diverse experience, leads the DMH Team in this practice area.

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